Dear Person in Recovery: A Love Letter

Dear Person in Recovery,

I do not understand.
I promise to try.

The tears I’ve cried for you can not be measured.
I know you have cried more.
The pain I’ve felt because of your choices cuts deeply.
I know your pain cuts deeper.
The disappointment I’ve experienced with each relapse is great.
I know your disappointment is greater.

I cannot explain the love that continues, resiliently waiting, nor the hope that defiantly remains. I promise to try.

I know there is good in you, despite any bad.
I know there is joy in you, despite any pain.
I know there is love in you, despite any fear.

Despite the sadness, despite the pain, despite the disappointment, despite the fear, there is love in me for you. I pray love resiliently lingers in you…for you.

Rediscover your goodness.
Reclaim your joy.
Find your love.

Come back to us.

I do not understand.
I promise to try.
Because love is waiting and hope remains.