Happy Halloween: Let Them ALL Be Little

Happy Halloween TTM tribe! I love me some Halloween fun. Any excuse to dress up in costume is an good excuse as far as I’m concerned. I posted on my personal FB page earlier this week that I believe I may have missed my calling as a character actor.

Maybe it’s an indication of deeper seeded issues that I so very much enjoy shedding my skin and dressing up as any number of different people, ideas, or things. Alas, that is for a different post. I’m here today, quite frankly, to defend the children. Not the young children, mind you, but children just the same.

Those adolescents our culture and society are so eager to make into adults far too soon. For the love, why do we do this? Ask anyone aged 30+ and he/she will tell you adulting is overrated. If we’re lucky, there are decades to think about professionalism, tact, eloquence, finance, security, politics, sex, and any other number of “adult” issues.

The rush to be “all grown up” is pervasive. I feel like I see it everywhere, all the time.

Boys are told to “man-up” while still in the single digits. How the hell is an eight-year-old going to “man up”. WTF does that event mean?

This sense of urgency is even been made evident in our biology, for crying out loud. Girls, yes, girls, are starting periods at age nine. These are not young women. They are GIRLS. I was an eighth grader when I finally started menstruating. I wasn’t ready for that adult problem at thirteen. I can’t imagine trying to master the delicate art of handling a menstrual cycle at age nine.

Before I digress, I’m going to stop myself and bring this back to the issue at hand—Halloween.

To put it bluntly, don’t be fun sucking maturity pusher. Not when it comes to the one day of the year when we encourage folly, fun, imagination, and play.

I know Halloween can have dark, scary connotations. But when you think of children—of all ages—in costumes, trick-or-treating. What comes to mind?

For me, it’s fond memories of community, time with friends and family, and good old-fashioned fun. If our children—especially our adolescents of this world need anything right now, it’s these things.

I don’t care if the kid standing at your door is seven or seventeen, if that kid is in costume, out in his or her community, relishing a childhood pastime, clinging to the mystery and wonder of people handing out candy to complete strangers in the spirit of fun and folly because that is just what we do on this one day each year, for the love…

SMILE and say, “Happy Halloween!” And hand over the freaking candy.

If we take away the option to be children, what options are left for these young people?

Let’s let them ALL be little, for as long as we can, but especially on this day.

Happy Halloween.