Mrs. R.: DIY Herb Garden

Mrs. R. has a new post for us. How many of you have tried to grow herbs at home? Lets see what our resident Kindergarten teacher has to say about it!


I love herbs and I love gardening.  However, spring in Wyoming is not springy…it’s more of a…wet winter. There is something about seeing green plants in my window that makes the white snow seem a little warmer, and gives me a glimpse of hope that Spring will soon be here. Here are 3 easy steps to create a small herb garden for your home.

First, I went to Walmart and bought 4 mini terracotta pots.  They were .39 cents each! I then went to the overwhelming “Garden” section of Walmart. After a few minutes of debate I decided on Parsley and Lavender. We are always using Parley and I love the smell of Lavender.

When I got home, I contemplated how to decorate these cute little pots.  At first I wanted to paint them with chalkboard paint, but I didn’t have any…so plan b ensued. I took a purple chalkboard marker I have used in other projects and wrote a fancy “L” and “P” on the pots.  It was simple and cute. I may add twine or taffeta around the brim to spice it up a little.

labels and marker

Lastly, I used 4 scoops of Miracle Grow potting soil and put a little in each pot. I stuck my pinky in the center of each pot to make a place for the seeds.  I dropped 3 seeds in each pot (2 pots are Lavender and 2 are Parsley), covered them up, watered them, and put them in my kitchen window sill.

Vòila! DIY simple in-home herb garden.

Disclaimer*** I DO NOT have a green thumb…at all! So, this is going to be a waiting game for me.  I have high hopes that they will sprout in the next week or so but I am not promising anything.  We will wait and see. Best of luck to each of you!

end result