Putting the Blog to Bed

Friends, I have so loved sharing myself in the form of thoughts on a digital page. And this isn’t goodbye, but it is goodnight.

I have a number of dreams I’m chasing and I need to rest the blog while I pursue them.

That is not to say I won’t visit from time to time to share some thing…idea…feeling…experience…that insists it must live outside my head. But I can’t promise how often that might be.

And I’m giving myself permission to be occasional, sporadic, and unpredictable here to allow for more consistency, commitment, and time for some of the other endeavors calling to me. This has been brewing for some time. I know the time is now.

I’m logging on to say I’m not done, but I’m hibernating the blog.

Friends, thank you. The support and dialogue I’ve experienced here has been wonderful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I hope you will wait for me.

It’s not goodbye. It’s…

To be continued.