Mrs. R.: 21 Day Organization Challenge

TTM blog is back at it, and so it Mrs. R.  She has been bitten by the spring cleaning bug. I appreciate her honest reflections about getting organized…

Check out what she’s been up to.


I see 21 day organization challenges all over blogs and Pintrest, so I figured it would be easy…

I was so wrong!

Doing a 21 day challenge on top of teaching kindergartners, teaching dance, taking a Master’s class and being a wife was more difficult than I anticipated.

I started by making my list of all the things I wanted to organize around the house.

Ultimately, that was as far as I got.

I was able to organize our bathroom medicine cabinets on Day 1. After that, things came up each night…and before I knew it, I was days behind.


Can you say fail?

Recently, I had a conversation with my students about Lent and how it doesn’t always mean you have to give up something. Instead, it is an opportunity to try to do something or give something.

Taking my recent fail into consideration and the fact that giving up shopping for Lent wasn’t going anywhere either, I made the decision to start going through my house little by little to get rid of anything I don’t need anymore.

The outcome has been amazing! Not only do I feel I’ve learned something I can apply to my Catholic faith and identity, but I have also made my house a little lighter.  As I go through rooms, cabinets and drawers, I have found items to donate.  As of now, I am up to 4 bags of clothes, 5 boxes of kitchen/home stuff and 3 boxes of home decor.

Getting spring cleaning and a Lenten promise done at the same time has been refreshing!


It was as easy as picking a room in my house and setting a time frame.

I opened up every drawer and cabinet and went to it.  Some rooms were easier than others.  Cleaning the bathrooms was much easier than cleaning out my closet.

Going back to December…I flipped all of my hangers around.
IMG_6703When I wore something, I turned the hanger the correct way.  So, when I began cleaning out my closet, I focused only on winter clothes.  If there was a sweater I hadn’t worn all winter, it was gone.  Same thing with my shoes.  If there were a pair of boots I didn’t wear, they went into the bag.  I also had to remind myself “Do you REALLY like this?” and “How often do you REALLY wear this?”.

Even though this challenge had a rough start, looking at the pile of stuff I am donating makes me feel good.  I feel like I have done something not only for my house, but for the community, and for Lent.  In the end, it helped me reevaluate the difference between and a want and a need…which was something I needed.