Strong Women Series: Autumn Baughn

I’ve been following Autumn Baughn on social media for about 18 months. Despite the obstacle of separation created by only “knowing” a person through computer screens and smart phones, I have felt her warmth and genuine spirit. I’m a fan of her attitude, her recipes, and her willingness to be open and honest with her audience. She is a strong woman in so many ways; as an advocate for body positivity, a mother and homeschooler, wife, yogi, rock climber, and more.

Without further adieu, I’m pleased to introduce the Tall Mom Tribe to Autumn of A Whole Story (formerly Playing House Full Time)

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Heyo Tall Mom Readers! I’m excited to “be here”, and share a bit about myself and my little corner of the internet. I’m Autumn, and am a born and raised PNW girl. I’m married to my high school (well, actually, Jr.High!) sweet heart and we have two firecracker little kiddos. We live in a small town outside of Seattle towards the mountains. We came here for college and never left. Being near to water, snow, and a sweet little city has been a dreamy way to raise our babies. I’m a homeschooling mama to my two little ladies and we spend the majority of our days adventuring, exploring, science experimenting, and attending a few fun classes at a local supplemental program. I am an aspiring yogi, home-workout fanatic, and up for trying any new way to get sweaty that I can access! We’re whole30 alum who are finding Life After Whole30 to be far more rewarding, and full of love, than we ever could have imagined.


I’ve been following you on social media for some time now. I came across your Instagram account because I was doing a Whole30. Can you tell us a little about your lifestyle as it relates to exercise and diet, and how it has changed or evolved in recent years?

I fell in love with the Instagram community two years ago when I started my first whole30, and my whole foods/fitness IG account. I began the account as a way to save my family and friends from having to see a feed full of salads and sports bra’s when I began my new endeavor. But the account took off and I found friendships, support, accountability, and amazing women when I really began to pour into it. I spent about a year and a half doing Whole30’s on and off, it wasn’t until I took off the training wheels and began to dive into my #lifeafterwhole30 that I really realized why all of this work was so important to me. I had started to heal my relationship with food, and I found that I still needed to work hard to heal my relationship with myself, self acceptance, and my ability to care for myself well. Through these past six months I’ve found my balance shakes out a bit more 80/20 than full on Whole30, and that fitness and moving my body often, are paramount to my mental health and growth in my self love journey. Our food choices and fitness choices are rooted in intuition, what feels good, and being sure that I am keeping my priority of honoring my body (and not punishing it) highest on the list.

As part of my mission to further the Body Image Movement, I’m compelled to work toward supporting and sharing positive roll models when I find them. I believe you fall into that category. What do you think constitutes a positive roll model for today’s women, and whom do you look up to for motivation and positivity?

I look to women who are breaking the mold in Social Media when it comes defining health, beauty, and what messaging is important for girls. I love following @mynameisjessamyn, @nolatrees and @bodyposipanda (on Instagram). All of those women are putting radical messages out there that challenge my way of thinking, cultural norms, and put words out there about what many women struggle with. To me a role model for todays women, and for my daughters, is someone who is unapologetic about their body, owning their space fully, and always working to build up and empower all women.


You are a foodie extraordinaire in my book. I love your recipes and tips on meals for your family. Can you share one or two of your personal favorites?

I LOVE to cook! My favorite recipes are straight forward favorites. I love to make chia pudding and a big batch of nut’ola (grain free granola!) at the beginning of every week, I also adore bullet proof coffee in the mornings, and this chicken dinner is my favorite to make for a crowd, even one with kiddos!

 Paleo Granola
Chia Pudding
Bullet Proof Coffee
Roasted Chicken

I know my readers are going to fall in love with your message and zest for life. How can they find you on social media?

I’m everywhere on social media! I blog a few times a week at Playing House Full Time (be on the lookout for her new page, coming soon), am (overly?) active on Instagram (@awholestory) and am adoring youtube quite a bit lately! My channel is here 

My Facebook page is a great place to plug in to never miss a blog post, or a quickie recipe! 


Autumn Baughn, creator of body positive wellness blog A Whole Story, founder and administrator of Whole30 Ladies Facebook group, and the Abundant30 Program. Active on on all social media channels, but a self proclaimed IG addict, check me out here.