Mrs. R: Kitchen Command Center

As promised, I’m letting Mrs. R take over and give us some great ideas. I hope you enjoy her contributions to The Tall Mom. Her ingenuity and spirit are going to bring some spark and change to the blog, and I couldn’t be happier. Read on to find out what she has to say about organizing a “Kitchen Command Center.”


I have always wanted to make a Command Center for my kitchen but I never knew really how to go about it. Over Christmas break I decided I was going to dedicate some time and make a “cute” but effective command center.

The first thing I did was evaluate the space in my kitchen. We don’t have a lot of wall space in our house and we have an open floor plan, so it is difficult separating the kitchen from the dinning room and living room. We have a long skinny pantry that really has not a lot of purpose. I hung an organizer on it when we first moved into our house and even though it looked cute, it had become just another place to store the (can I say “crap”) because that’s what is is . Anyways, I decided I was going to move the organizer to our office and start from scratch with this Command center.


First I made a list for Hobby Lobby (If I don’t make a list I will get completely side tracked and spend way to much money…especially in Hobby Lobby). On my list was : a Chalkboard/cork board, pencil holder and some cutesy things to decorate it with. I like to keep things thematic in my house and right now my house has a rustic, cabin feel. So, I bought a wooden arrow and a metal deer silhouette.


I couldn’t find a chalkboard and cork board that would fit so I went ahead and picked out a regular chalkboard and small round cork pieces. When I got home I glued to cork pieces to the chalkboard, I painted the wooden boarder to the chalkboard white to fit my decor better. I then began playing around with the design of my Command Center.
**When hanging these items I DID NOT drill into my cabinet, I used command hooks. That way if I changed my mind (which I will eventually) it won’t damage the cabinet.

I was not accurate with my sizing and bought too many decor items. Not all of them would fit, so I had to decide between the deer silhouette and the arrow. I ended up choosing the arrow. Now, when I bought the arrow, it was just an arrow. I wanted something a little more so I glued on sparkly clothes pins so I could hang pictures from it. Finally, I found a Sticky Note calendar at Staples on sale for $14.99 and I figured it would go great in my Command Center. It has the ability to be color coded (which I LOVE) and it is great for writing all of my families schedules.


And that is it! A finished, functional and practical command center for my family! I created it all for $25.00.

Do you have a command center at home? Have any tips and tricks? Share in the comments what works for you!