Breaking the Rules: See You in February

I’m not one for breaking rules, just because. But if there is legit justification, well, then, by all means, break away. Which is exactly what I’ll be doing this month.

January is for new commitment and change! *Hand on hip, fist in air*

Yeah…call me rule a breaker, but this is not for me. Not this year.

On second thought, maybe change is exactly what this is about…

You see, I’ve always been a sprint to the finish kind of gal…in all things. Scratch that, in all things other than actual running. This year, I don’t want to sprint. I want to meander. I want to give things time. Instead of fitting it all in, I want to pick and choose what fits in—what and how my time will be spent, based on my deliberate choices. And then…I want to give my time to those things. Not begrudgingly, but generously, with enthusiasm…and without any kind of rush.

For me, that means starting slowly as much as it means moving through things deliberately.

I’m aiming to do a lot more writing in 2017 than I did in 2016, but I’m not going to to it all at once. So, articles here at The Tall Mom will be fresh and new…next month. January won’t mind my blogging absence. And February will be happy to see me. I hope readers will feel the same.

You’ll see new content from Mrs R. sometime this month. And you’ll always find tidbits on the Facebook page. As always, thanks for reading. Each of you make this blogger/writer gig something I choose to spend time sharing. So, thank you.

For now, happy new year, friends! I’ll see you in February!