Welcome Mrs. R.: New Tall Mom Blog Contributor

Many TTM readers know that while I’m a writer by hobby and a busy momma of three, I do have a paying job, as well. For the last year, I’ve held the position of Events Coordinator at a local Preschool through 8th grade program. Through my position, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know the teachers and staff at the school. One little ball of fire in particular, caught my attention when I was photographing kids in her classroom.

If you can conjure in your mind the cutest  kindergarten classroom imaginable, yes… you’re getting there…a couple more touches…and… Yes! That is Mrs. R’s room (aka Ashley Radosevich) To top it off, this gal creates nearly everything you can imagine herself, with the help of Pinterest, and a heaping load of patience I can only dream of possessing.image2-3

Knowing full-well this lady holds an entire skill set foreign to me, I asked if she’d be interested in sharing her ideas, tips, and tricks here on The Tall Mom on a monthly basis. She agreed!

So, here we are. Let’s get to know this little package of awesome human, shall we?

Why did you decide to become a teacher?  “I wasn’t always on the teacher path. I started college as a business major at Chadron State College and got to my final year when I decided I didn’t like business anymore. My grandma and I were talking one day about what she would have done differently if she could go back and do it all again. I said “if I could go back I would be a teacher.” My grandma’s response was “Well then, go do it.” The next day I dropped out of CSC and enrolled in Western Wyoming Community College. From that point on, I never looked back. My professors at UW always said, “Teaching is a calling, it is a passion, not a career”. I like to think at that moment when I was talking to my grandma, God was calling me to enter the teaching profession.”

Have you always be a DIY kind of girl? “I have not always been a DIY’er. Growing up, I wasn’t “creative”. I watched my mom scrapbook and do small cutesy things around the house, but I never got into it. It wasn’t until Pinterest made its debut that I really got into decorating and creating signs. Once my husband and I bought our house, I found the urge to be creative in my decorating. I have used my house as kind of a test center for different ideas I see on Pinterest.”

When you’re not testing out all things Pinterest, what do you like to do? “When I am not scrolling through pintrest, I am either teaching ballet/tap to preschoolers, being a dog mom 😉 or “glamping”in our new camper. I am also a full time Kindergarten teacher at SAS (St. Anthony School). During the summer I like to play golf, go camping on the bighorns, kayak and fly fish. During the winter months, I like to cuddle up under a blanket, next to the fire place and read Nicholas Sparks.”

Can you give us a couple easy DIY ideas for the holidays?  “Two of my favorite Christmas DIY ideas I have done are wrapping books in wrapping paper to decorate my coffee table and chalkboard painting a crock pot. They are super easy, cost very little and make a small but cute touch to Christmas decorating.”

“We had an old “college” crock pot that had seen better days, so I decided to give it a makeover. I bought chalk board paint and a chalkboard marker at Hobby Lobby. Then I put painters tape around the handles and knobs. It took 3 coats (drying in between) to cover up the red. Once all coats were applied I took off the painters tape and it was ready to use!”



Look for more ideas, tips, and Pinterest tested tricks from Mrs. R. each month here on TTM. We’re so excited to add her to the line up. If you try her ideas, let us know! Message us your comments and pictures on our Facebook page, and we’ll post your results. As always, thanks for reading!