Celebrating Seeing Ione! 1-Year Bookiversary

One year ago today, Seeing Ione became available for purchase from major retailers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks and more. It has sold more than 500 copies, which is 499 more than I expected. And to top that off, I have had people, who aren’t my parents, tell me they legit ENJOYED the book. That is exactly what I’d hoped for… and it happened.


I still have people email and message me monthly, asking when book two will be available. In answer to that question, first—I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that people WANT to read another book I’ve written. Second, I have no idea when it will be done.

While that fact makes me feel a little ashamed—I’d intended to have three books in the series by now. I can promise you it is coming.

This writing thing, it isn’t paying for trips to the Bahamas, but it is absolutely something I will continue to do, work on improving, and share. Book 2, and beyond, will happen…eventually. Please, just bear with me.

The good news is there are literally MILLIONS of amazing stories out there waiting for you. If you need recommendations, shoot me a message. My list grows longer all the time. There is no end to the adventures and amazing places, people, and events available to everyone through books.1929768_950626398336446_6698146701600269167_n

Finally, in thanks for everyone who has helped me make this little dream of mine come true, I’ve decided to GIVE AWAY copies of Seeing Ione. It’s really very simple. Email me the name and address of where you’d like me to ship the book, and any details about an inscription—if you’d like one, and I’ll send the book. No cost. No hassle. It’s really that easy.

I’ll send them until I’ve run out of copies to ship. Please send emails to mailthetallmom@gmail.com

If you’re sending a copy of the book as a Christmas gift, don’t waste any time! I’ll need to get the book in the mail ASAP to guarantee delivery by the big day.

Sincere thanks to every person who has read the book. Even if you hated it, I remain grateful you spent your time in company with the characters living in my head. And to those of you who took time to leave a review on Amazon, Good Reads, or another site, THANK YOU x 10 bazillion. That is pure gold for an author.

Have a wonderful holiday season, my friends. I hope in all the hustle an bustle you find time to sit… and read a good book.