Dear Tired Momma: A Love Letter

Dear Tired Momma,

I see you. I understand you. I am you.

When this all began, we thought of it as a waiting game…

When she sleeps through the night. When he is a little older. When they are in school.

With some time invested into this Momma Life, we are beginning to understand while it always changes, it also remains the same—difficult yet beautiful, painful but joyous. Always tiring. Always worth any sacrifice for what we receive in return.

And it isn’t a waiting game. It is a living game.

Try to remember, TIRED is simply the side effect of a life changing medication, the jet lag from a once-in-a-lifetime trip around the world, the exhaustion which follows the greatest of adventures.

Tired Momma, try to remember, all too soon it will be…

When she slept next to me. When he was little. When they were living at home.

When and if are distant, unsure words.

Tired Momma, think of here and now—for sure words.

For you are surely what they want and exactly who they need.