Dear Husband: A Love Letter

Dear Husband,

This letter is long overdue. Of course, I could argue I’m still waiting on mine.

Except, when I stop and think about that point of contention, I realize you’ve already written it to me…thousands of times, in a million ways.

Your methods are discrete. Yet, they spell out your intentions as clearly as words.

It is in the smile you give me when you tease, the way you sleep with one hand on my hip, how you always talk about the future in terms of us and we.

It is in the asking of my opinion and listening. It is in looking at me and seeing who I am long before seeing what I look like. It is in participating in our partnership of parenting, and our creating a true companionship of life living.

You do not complete me. You compliment me. Which is so much better, for it proves you know we are each our own. But we are better together, where we can help one another achieve so much more than either could dream of alone.

You are not perfect. And you do not expect me to be.

We sometimes disagree. We sometimes get angry. We have always found new footing. Which gives me faith, we will always pursue making up long before either gives a moment’s thought to giving up.

I do not take for granted how rare it is to be a part of a relationship like ours. I know in my heart, you know too. How many people spend a lifetime looking for what we discovered in near childhood? We are so lucky in life because we are so lucky in love.

So here is my letter, dear Husband. Though long overdue, it is meant to say loud and clear, I love you.

Photo by Miss. Mast Photography