Dear Haters: A Love Letter

Dear Haters,

You are a difficult bunch to love, that much is true. But despite such difficulty, I still have love for you.

You remind me daily of who not to be. If ever I forget how not to act, speak, be…you refresh my memory.

You are the name callers, the dream killers, the naysayers, the creeps. You are the whiners, the complainers, the criticizers, the never-my-problem peeps.

I wish to be all you are not, do everything you won’t do. I hope to be the counterpart to your discourse, the counterweight to your force. I will be a balance to your negativity and a distractor of your course.

Your hate does not solve problems. It does not give hope. It does not bring happiness, peace, or help anyone cope.

But it gives purpose to the soldiers for freedom, the fighters for love.

Without you I might stagnate in apathy, grow stunted in my strategy to undo what you’ve done. Without you I would not know how many battles are still to be won.

So haters, keep on hating if you must. But know this…the lovers will keep loving, this you can trust.