Unstoppable: My Introduction into the BIM (Body Image Movement)

As I announced last week, I’ve been honored with the title and responsibility of Body Image Movement Global Ambassador as part of the Body Image Movement started by Taryn Brumfitt. I’m stoked to gear up for a six week program offered by both Taryn and Gemma Munro. I’ll be sharing my own personal ups and downs, revelations and discoveries with all of you in the months to come. In the mean time, if YOU would like to learn more about the Unstoppable program, here are a couple of things to check out…

Visit the Unstoppable website and watch the FREE training videos available to any and all… Each of the three videos features a “homework” assignment. I’ll give you a quick glimpse into what my homework looked like.

In Video 1, homework was the simple (haha) task of making a list of things I am willing to accept about myself and those things I am prepared to change. Easier said than done. My list looked like this:

Change: 1. My language—I have control over what I say out loud. If I wouldn’t say it about someone I love, I will no longer say it about myself. 2. My Clothes—I will no longer give any f***s about sizes, or fashion rules and regulations. If I’m comfortable in the clothes I’m wearing and feel good about myself, that is all that really matters. Fashion police be damned. 3. My attitude—I choose how I react. No more knee-jerk reactions. I will consciously choose my attitude. I once stayed in bed for two days, depressed and wallowing in sadness because I ‘hated’ the way I looked in a photo posted to social media. Ugh. I’m embarrassed to admit to that story…but it happened. So. Stupid. No more. I can change that kind of ridiculousness.

Accept: 1. My Size/Weight—I’m 6’0″ and from solid Dutch and German stock. I take up space, and as I’ve aged and life has changed for me, I’ve begun to take up more space. I will accept that about myself. I will spend my energy maintaining and gaining strength—physically, mentally, and spiritually. I will not agonize over a number on a scale, the size of my clothing, or how much of the couch I take up on movie night. 2. My Limitations—I have a fusion and an artificial disc in my spine. I spent YEARS of my life beating my body up on a court and in a gym, which my knees (and other joints) have not forgotten. I will be grateful for the amazing things my body can still do, and I will not waste time moping about modifications or perceived limits. 3. My Limitations—Yes, I’m repeating this one. It goes beyond my body. I have other limitations, as well—my time, for one. Time is quite possibly my most valuable resource, and it is most certainly limited. I will not “do it all” right now. I will no longer attempt such lunacy. I will learn to accept and be confident in making choices within the restraints of what is realistic for me, given my time, talents, treasures, etc. This is not squelching my dreams. Rather, it is freeing my spirit to breathe in the present and respect all that I already am without falling into the shadow of what I think I should or could be.

There are more homework assignments within the 3 part series. If you listen and learn and feel you may want or need more, visit the Unstoppable site and consider signing up for the 6-part program. I’m registered for the series beginning on Monday, October 17, 2016. Join me if so inclined! Let’s all be unstoppable.