I Have Embraced: The Tall Mom Officially Joins the Body Image Movement

I have shared Taryn Brumfitt’s story several times on my blog and on my social media feeds. But I’m THRILLED, JACKED, STOKED, ELATED to announce I have been chosen to help spread her message as an official Body Image Global Ambassador.


What does that mean?

Well…it means a few things. It means I applied to the program and was selected (SAH-WEET). But what is more important, is it means I’ve made a commitment to promote the Body Image Movement’s values and vision to local people in my community.

Above all, my role as an ambassador will mean being a positive role model to those around me by taking accountability of the language used in relation to my body and the body image communication I share.

In other words, Head Wench, you’re OUTTA HERE! Sorry (not sorry). You gotta go. I’m official now. And you’re DONE. I can’t harbor you in any way any longer. It’s not just about you and me any more. It’s about my children, my girlfriends, my fellow females, my world. And there is no room for you here. The space you take is needed for something so much better.

This month will be dedicated to my new role and exploring some random thoughts about what this movement means to me and what it might mean for my children, my relationships, and the generations of women living in our communities and abroad. I hope you’re as excited as I am about this new chapter. It’s going to bring a whole lotta good with it…I can feel it!

In case you’ve forgotten the CRAZY IMPORTANT message and story Taryn has put out into the world, here is the original video shared to help with her Kickstarter campaign.




Her documentary is now complete and has been shared in Australia, as well as a handful of other countries, and as of September 10, 2016, it is being screened in select theaters in the U.S.

*NOTE* I have some SERIOUSLY exciting things in the works related to this. And local friends, you’re in for a treat! More to come later in the month…

Here is the official movie trailer for any of you who may have missed it. (Or want to watch again.)



And finally, here’s to embracing—exercising healthy self-talk, focusing on positive body image, and never limiting LOVE.

XOXO TTM Readers,

~The Tall Mom


BIMGAP Pledge: 

I am thrilled to share the Body Image Movement’s understanding that each and every body is special, gorgeous, and worthy of love! 

I will declare to the world that acceptance and admiration of body diversity is so important and we need to embrace all shapes, sizes, colors, and abilities!

As an ambassador,  I will encourage people to rejoice in what their bodies enable them to do—to live and love life—and that happiness is not determined by body shape/size.

I will support those around me to let go of negative talk by spreading information and resources that BIM have worked hard to collate. I will keep in touch with my community and share the positivity that we can all exude when we allow ourselves to love our bodies!

I have embraced!