September Series: What Makes a Woman Be{YOU}tiful? Prairie Wife in Heels Guest Blog

What makes you beautiful? This is a pretty big question, and it’s full of pitfalls.
After all, aren’t we taught that to say what we love about ourselves is conceited and bragging?

Pretty silly when you think about it…

As someone who recently chopped her breasts off, I have to say that my concept of what makes me beautiful has changed a bit this year. Not that I ever thought my boobs made me beautiful (they were never that great) but, removing part of your body and the resulting scars and emotional baggage that comes with it will change a girl. cowgirl-g-and-prarie-wife

Since my surgery I have gone without makeup more often than usual, and found myself shrugging my shoulders and saying “Guess that’s good enough.” And moving forward with my day. After all, when it takes you 10 minutes to wipe a table off, and you break into a sweat and practice lamaz breathing while doing it, your standards are a bit different.

What makes me beautiful….

I’m going to say what makes me beautiful is my attitude, my spirit, my vibe.

I’m known as someone who is quick to laugh, always ready to talk, and willing to lend a hand whenever it’s needed. I’m tough and I’m strong and I’m a total head up, shoulders back, charge forward kinda girl.

I get the most compliments on my eyes and smile… and I know it’s because of the messages I’m sending to people with them.

True story…Years ago (and two kids in the past) I was in the airport with a baby and a two year old waiting to board a plane and a man mentioned how I had my hands full. I simply smiled and said it was actually a break as I had one more child and home. He looked at me and said in an astonished voice “But you can’t have three kids, your eyes are so alive and sparkly.”

First of all, I decided to take that as a compliment, and second I began to wonder what his poor wife must be going through to have dull flat eyes…it made me really sad for both of them.

But, back to the topic. I think what makes me beautiful, what makes every person beautiful, isn’t their hair, face or body…it’s their attitude. beach-pic

Think about it, when do you feel the least beautiful…when your exhausted, grouchy and weary in body, mind and spirit…moments when your attitude sucks!
So ladies (and men too), trust me when I say it’s not the clothes you wear, the way you style your hair or the makeup on your face that makes you beautiful.
It’s your attitude.

So next time you’re feeling you look less than your best take a deep breath, hold your head up high, think happy thoughts and charge forward with your day…you’ll be feeling beautiful in no time!



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