To My Body: A Love Letter

To My Body,

I’m ashamed it has taken me so long to write. I think each time I came close to saying these things…believing these things, cowardly fear of judgement kept me from giving you the love and acceptance you deserve.

I’ve said the worst imaginable things to you, and you continue to show up for me. I have treated you with disrespect and blatant disregard for what I knew you needed, and you have not forsaken me. I have failed to be reverent of your capacity to grow miracles—living, breathing, human miracles—and you have forgiven me. I have taken for granted your abilities, your individuality, your perfection in the eyes of your Creator, and yet you remain with me.

Let me say to you what I should have said already, what I should say always.

You are beautiful.

The characteristics I have labeled as imperfections in the past, that behavior was evidence of my own ignorance. I failed to recognize it is exactly those perceived imperfections that make you mine, that set you apart. They are proof of your strength and resiliency, and our commitment to a life full of joy, laughter, and richness that has nothing to do with money. And it is all this that makes you more beautiful, not less.

You are worthy of my love and appreciation.

Without you, I could not feel the understanding of love in my child’s embrace. Without you, I could not find comfort in the smell of my husband’s skin. Without you, I could not taste the flavor of sunshine or hear the music of rain. Without you, this world, so full of emotion and experience would be only a dream of lost opportunity.

I cannot imagine this life without you to carry me through it.

I can’t know what the future holds for us. I hope there are far more years ahead than behind. I pray for a chance to make a change. How wonderful will this life be when we are true friends, giving and taking of a mutual love for one another.

I hope you will give me the chance.

I think I can love you better.