The Sisterhood of Motherhood

Did you watch the video? You gotta watch the video or this whole post will be for nothing. Every once in a while an advertiser actually hits the nail on the head. I think the brainiac behind this Similac ad did just that.

This week my social media feeds have been full of back to school photos and emotional posts about the tumultuous event that is the start of a new school year. I proudly fly the flag of “Psyched Out Of My Mind Mommy”11225295_940297952701896_7447405990710818979_n

I am so ready for the beautiful sound of silence. My youngest is starting his first year of preschool, so this year marks the start of a major shift for me. Monday through Friday (most weeks) I will have four hours without a sidekick. Four hours. Whoa.

I looked a little like Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter while I watched my little man walk into that preschool, turn, wave and say, “Bye-bye, Mommy.” I was so proud of him. My heart pounded as I walked to the car. I was nervous for him, excited for me, happy for us both. It is at school he will begin to really blossom into who he will be in this world. He will learn so much about relationships, teamwork, the process of learning, dealing with disappointments, navigating social environments, listening, choosing, consequences…the list goes on and on. It is not to say all of these things don’t/didn’t happen at home. They do. But at school he gets to stand on his own—no Mommy, no sisters, no Daddy to run interference or manipulate his own process. Watching him grow, seeing him develop and change, it’s a little sad to see him leave behind his baby years, but it’s such a privilege and a joy for me to see it happen that I don’t really feel all that bad. It’s the same for me with all of my kids. Even my pre-pubescent daughter who is wading slowly into the raging waters of teen-dom…even for her, I’m far more thrilled for the excitement of change than I am scared for it to happen, or nostalgic for times past.

I also understand this is how I feel. Not all of my momma friends share my sentiments. My good friend, S. over at Quirks and Recreation wrote several beautifully honest posts about her feelings with respect to the transition into school mode. We are pretty much on opposite sides of the emotional spectrum when it comes to back to school.

The thing is…we can stand at opposites sides of this, smile, wave, and respect one another’s feelings. All this chatter about Mommy Wars…working, staying at home or doing some combination of both, breastfeeding or formula feeding, sleep training or co-sleeping, all organic or drive-thru frequent flyer, homeschooler or classical academy attender…first day crier or first day cart wheeler…

It’s such a waste. Because…we’d all chase that stroller.

In fact, that is all any of us is really doing—running at a sometimes frantic pace, praying we can keep our kids safe and happy…and hoping we can get a little help when we need it.

Cryers—I see you. I have chocolate in my car.

Cart Wheelers—I see you. I have chocolate in my car.

Let’s do this thing…together. Welcome to the sisterhood of motherhood.