10 Songs for Carol Haters Like Me

I’m not, in general, a hater. Even genres that aren’t my cup of tea – thrash metal, crunk, and chicano, for example, I can appreciate in careful moderation. The thing is, I’m not forced to listen to any of these particular genres for an entire month…or more.

This year, I heard my first Christmas carol of the season while in Hobby Lobby THE DAY AFTER HALLOWEEN! I stopped, prayed to Jesus to force a hold-off on the lyrical celebration of his birthday, and proceeded to prepare to endure the long hard grind of another 60+ days of listening to 150 versions of the same 12 songs.

I’m not a Grinch. I love Christmas. My family loves Christmas, especially my kids. It is magical, or at least, at times it is magical. I’ve been fortunate enough in my life to have accumulated a plethora of fond memories of this time of year. I hope my children will be able to say the same.

Part of the magic for them is listening to carols. So, out of love for my children, there is constant streaming of Christmas music the month of December. In order to keep my sanity, I’ve found a few songs that, in my opinion, if interspersed between the nauseating versions of Santa Baby and Jingle Bells, have the power to make my time decorating the house, baking, or simply sitting in the dark watching the snow fall seem equally as magical as it did when I was much younger.

I hope within this list you might find a new favorite, or just a few new tunes you can add to your play list – hater or not.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas.

  1. Mary and Joseph by Dave Barnes

If you like traditional country music – heavy on story telling, you will like this sweet little ditty.

  1. Patapan by Mindy Glendhill

This is for the folk lovers out there. The arrangement, while short, is interesting and the melody catchy. I find myself really listening to this song to hear all the intricacies.

  1. Mele Kalikimaka by Jadon Lavik

There are a million versions of this song, but Mr. Lavik’s silky sensuous voice makes my Hawaiian Christmas fantasies lean toward the x-rated variety.

  1. Christmas Song by Dave Matthews

A classic in its own right, this song is just good.

  1. Hallelujah by Cloverton

 A Christmas twist on an already emotional song, I can’t get enough of it.

  1. Winter Song by Sarah Bareillis and Ingrid Michaelson

This is a transitional song, not necessarily related to Christmas so much as to the season of winter – hence the title. The harmonies and beautiful piano accompaniment make it a keeper.

  1. Little Drummer Boy by Walk Off The Earth

A classic song brought to new life in this version. The brass and beat breathe fun into this foundational carol done in a way only W.O.T.E. could do it.

  1. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Sam Smith

He could sing the new congressional budget bill and I’d be enthralled.

  1. Mary Did You Know by Pentatonix

Mad props to all a cappella groups that can bring down the house. Petatonix is impressive to say the least.

  1. Christmas Must Be Tonight by Bahamas

When the kids are asleep and the evening’s long list of to-do’s is finished, put on this tune, pour a glass of wine, and slow dance with your sweetheart. Consider it your Christmas gift to each other.