Gratitude Challenge Day 5



I was recently tagged in a friend’s (amazing gal, BTW) Facebook status. She issued a challenge. For five days, I was to list three things for which I’m grateful. I was also to tag three new friends with each post. The premise, of course, is to promote gratitude and appreciation.

Today is my last day of the challenge.

I did not expect to feel this way on day five.

Let me explain…

I will admit…I was resistant to do this little challenge – not because I didn’t see the value in the practice. More so, because I thought people might be annoyed to see my oozing gratitude proudly displayed on Facebook. I didn’t immediately take up the torch offered by my friend. Instead, I scrolled on past. I let the idea sit with me for a bit.

After a couple of days of thinking about it, I realized…I don’t give a flying *ahem* if someone is annoyed. Don’t like it? Don’t read it. Heck, you can delete me from your Facebook universe if you like. That is the beauty of social media – optional participation. I realized that voicing gratitude – no matter how it is perceived by others, is something no one should be hesitant to do. And, here – on the last day of this challenge, my feelings reaffirm that suspicion.

The thing is – this practice has been so much more than the rote punching of keys or the regurgitation of clichés. Because, when I sit down at the culmination of my day and reflect on specific events that serve as reminders for all that I have to be grateful for and about – well that might just be the BEST way to end a day…ever.

I will go so far as to say…if all the people everywhere who have the luxury of a moment’s time of reflection at the end of the day, are able to conjure up a list of three things they can bow their heads and give thanks for receiving – if they do just that – well…I’m pretty sure the attitude of all those people everywhere would be pretty freaking awesome. And that – that – would make the world just a little bit better.

I’m all for a little bit better world. A better world is certainly worth annoying a few angry trolls on Facebook.

So, tonight as I set myself down to reflect, I’m just a little bit sad to see this challenge come to an end. I will try to continue the practice. I’ve already picked out the perfect little journal. I truly believe this tiny daily act has the power to be life altering. Yet, there is something special about the bravery of being unabashedly grateful…thankful…openly aware and acknowledging…of the good in one’s life, out in a space where such proclamations are open for judgment, criticism, or more…where they have the ability to spark the kindling in someone else’s heart for their own gratitude.

So, to my friend who was brave enough to participate – brave enough to pass the challenge on to me, thank you.

I’m grateful.

And, here it is, the final post – unabashedly grateful and uncaring if it annoys.

Gratitude Challenge Day 5:

1. I am grateful for my husband. He isn’t just any husband, he is MY husband – my best friend, the father of my children. He is a care taker of my body and soul and he is so careful in the tender way he loves me. He says things to me that I can not believe, but somehow, I do believe that HE believes them. We have had time – more time already than some great loves have the opportunity to share. I cling to the hope that there will be more.

2. I am grateful to be a mother. There are times when I very seriously question God’s grace in allowing me to be an adventurer in parenting. But, when I think of what I would selfishly have missed out on in not being allowed into this club – my heart breaks.

3. I am grateful for my people. They are supportive, strong, loving, maddening, annoying, frustrating, BEAUTIFUL people. My people, really, are beyond description. Some of them are linked to me through ties of family. Others are linked through ties of choice. All are linked with ties that bind.