OS is BS

My friends often hear me refer to myself as a “big girl”. I apply this meaning in a number of ways. I am a grown-up. Well…most of the time. I try to act like a “big girl” and take on my fair share of responsibilities. I’m a big believer in you reap what you sow, which is a motto only real-life grown-ups seem to understand.

I am also…literally…a big girl. I mentioned in my intro blog I am six-feet tall and I’m no “wispy willow”—more like “solid oak”. Let me be clear. I’m not being self-critical, nor bragging. It’s simply fact. And although I’ve had difficulty at times being comfortable in my body, I’ve come to appreciate it’s strength and size.

One of my nearest and dearest of girlie friends is not such a big girl—in the literal sense. She stands around five-foot-six and weighs approximately 115 lbs clothed and soaking wet.  We often go shopping together.

When ‘Friend’ and I walk into Nordstrom (OH YEAH, Baby!) from time to time, we pick out the same item. I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Michael Stars, but the line is sized OS. OS…as in, One Size Fits All.

Things go down like this….

“Cute!” (in stereo). We share a smile. We’ve chosen the same shirt—different colors.  We take our OS Michael Stars shirts in hand and head to the fitting room. We both put said piece on…and…it looks perfect on us both!


It doesn’t even resemble the same item of clothing. She is wearing a loose fitting jersey dress. I’m wearing a spandex crop-top with cap sleeves severing me at the armpit.

One size DOES NOT fit all.

OS is BS.

I recently experienced a bit of an epiphany after one such shopping trip. I realized the same principal of “one size fits all”, as applied to life, is equal in it’s insanity–it’s complete and utter horse shit. What works for me is meant for me. It doesn’t translate into what works for me is meant for everyone. We all have different wants, needs, restrictions, requirements, etc. But realizing that a one size model is bogus was only half the epiphany.

The second part was harder to embrace—realizing that knowing yourself well enough to know what does work for you is equally as important.

Remember this scene from the movie Runaway Bride

Julia Roberts’ character doesn’t even know herself well enough to know how she likes her eggs! It’s the perfect analogy.

We—women especially, let others tell us what is best for us…what we should or shouldn’t…like…do…want…BE.

It’s madness.

We all have different God given gifts. We all have different goals and purpose for our given time on Earth. It is so easy for me to lose sight of this. It is so easy to forget to VALUE individuality. Our culture wants us to forget who we are—buy into the lie that there is only “ONE right SIZE” and we all need to do whatever is necessary to force ourselves into it.

Imagine the potential lost. Truly, it’s mind-boggling.

I’m on my soapbox right now, lecturing away. I should point out that I’m speaking to myself as much as anyone else. That “big girl” in Nordstrom wants to be what Nordie’s says is “right”.  Youbetcha she does!

When she forgets who she is because she is trying so hard to fit into the OS?  Well, that…is a serious problem. I don’t like serious problems, so I’m going to take this a little further.

A proclamation of sorts….

Know this. You and I—we’ve got a “big girl” in our corner and she says the ONE SIZE mentality is a heaping pile of wretched lies. Offer your gifts to the world, they were meant to be shared—whatever they may be. Go forward with confidence that they are just right. Know there is only one right size (career, style, lifestyle, dream)—the one you choose.